Om Nature Reserve

Om Nature Reserve is located on a stunning 400 acre remote cloud forest. It was developed to preserve and reforest the primary forest that inhabits much of the area . Om Nature Reserve is home to numerous species of birds, mammals (including the dante, spider monkey, and jaguar), insects, and flora and fauna. You will feel as if you are a guest of Mother Earth, resting in her home. We have miles of walking trails throughout the property that allow you to enjoy the beauty of the area. The new yoga shala was built with the spirit in mind. The location was selected based on where the strongest energy from the hundred year old trees was felt.

Here, you will be immersed in the forest with 360 degree views of the cloud forest. As evening approaches, the skies begin to clear, and you are surrounded by the magnificent night's stars above and the twinkling city lights below. Enjoy a comfortable seat near the lodge's fireplace and slowly sip a glass of red wine if you so desire. You will finish your journey feeling more refreshed than you've ever felt before, taking with you the positive energy of Mother Earth.

You and your guests will have the opportunity to do Seva work, should you so desire. Seva options at Om Nature Reserve include planting indigenous trees, and donate blankets and warm clothes to families in need.

Meals Included

All retreat packages come with 3 meals daily for your guests. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner vegetarian meals made with fresh, local, organic produce. And we have a coffee, water, and tea station.


In addition to growing and transforming with yoga and meditation, you and your guests can enjoy hiking through the rainforest, and bird watching.

Enjoy the Rainforest

Enjoy our mystical bungalows, surrounded by nature, and gorgeous panoramic views.


5-9 Guests

$110/night $770/weekly double occupancy
$130/night $910/weekly single occupancy

9-12 guests

$90/night $630/weekly double occupancy
$110/night $770/weekly single occupancy

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